Learn How to Monetarily Sustain Your Non-Profit or Ministry


Many not for profit organizations spend their time on writing grants to corporations and foundations; planning labor intensive special events; and running the same annual campaigns year after year. It has been my experience that corporations and foundations will date you but will not marry you. After a three to five year dating cycle most corporations and foundations will take their money and support to the next great cause or organization. As you progress through this course, you will discover a four step continuous system that will help you create long-term sustainable funding and relationships with new and current donors, the source of 72% of the charitable funds contributed to not for profits in America today. This course is designed to restore three critical areas to your event planning: cultivation, branding, and your organization’s mission.


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Welcome

  • Introduction

Module 2: The Promise

  • Lesson 1: Defining Your Brand

  • Lesson 2: Expressing Your Mission

  • Lesson 3: Sharing Your Stories

Module 3: The Pathway

  • Lesson 1: Connect

  • Lesson 2: Follow-Through

  • Lesson 3: Ask

  • Lesson 4: Appreciate

Module 4: The Partnership

  • Lesson 1: Hosting a Retreat

  • Lesson 2: Becoming Ambassadors

  • Lesson 3: Mapping a Network

Module 5: Conclusion

  • Conclusion

  • Next Steps: Charge


  • FriendRaising 101 E-Guide

  • Purpose Discovery Tool